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e Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have continued to attract great number of migrant people, with this trend deepening in recent years, according to China's Migrant Population Report in 2015.Correspondingly, t

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he number of migrant children ▓has increased rapidly, suggested a previous report released in 2014 by the New Citizen Program, a nongovernmental organization dedicated ▓to improving the lives of migrant ch▓ildren.A 20

k.The book reveals

13 survey shows that 58 percent of the migrant children were actually born in the place that their parents moved to, and that the▓y had seldom been back to their "hometowns".Even though t▓hese "migrant" children can en

that near▓ly 80 pe

ter local public school▓s from primary school to high schools, they still needed to return to their parents' home to take the ▓national college entrance examination for higher educ▓ation due to the lack of a permane

rcent of the migrant children are able t
o receive education at state run public
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